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For those needing a quick opinion or that may have a simple issue that can be handled remotely, remote support allows me to connect and control your computer and get a feel for what you're needing. Simply click the picture to the right to download a copy of TeamViewer Quick Support and then run the program. It will provide an ID and password which I will need in order to connect. Feel free to coordinate a time for a remote session via phone or email.

TeamViewer Quick Support


Commons hardware tasks include RAM (memory) upgrades, moving data to a larger hard drive or setting up a home wireless network. I'm also skilled at building full computers from scratch (especially handy for gamers) as well as larger network services such as Windows domains and active directory for businesses. I can also teach computer building and assist/lead teams with larger projects.
Price will include cost of parts (unless you're providing) and the time required for the project. Contact for quote.
Whether you need an antivirus recommendation or are already infected, I've got you covered. I have experience with many applications as well as their alternatives, including data backups, data recovery, documents, spreadsheets, image and video editing, etc.
Price varies based on service(s) requested. Contact for quote.
Experience includes HTML (including XHTML and HTML5), CSS, JavaScript (including jQuery), PHP and MySQL. Most of my projects have focused on the backend of web development, managing databases and performing tasks on the server side. If you have a designer to supply the look of your site, I can implement the rest.
Price charged hourly with half of estimate paid up front. Contact for quote.
Most of my recent work has been with iPhone 5 and iPad mini including jailbreaking and installing custom apps. I've rooted a few Android devices in my time and can assist with their customization as well. Alternate Android powered devices such as the Fire TV Stick is also included in this category. Note that I do not develop mobile apps like games or other such programs.
Price varies based on complexity of service requested. Contact for quote.
I'm currently working a full-time job in addition to this startup. In general my services can be scheduled 6-9pm Mon-Fri, 1-9pm Sat and 2-9pm Sun. My current availability can also be seen on my calendar. Here's what my next few days look like:
Sat Oct 10Available
Sun Oct 11Available
Mon Oct 12Busy
Tue Oct 13Busy
Wed Oct 14Available
Thu Oct 15Busy
Fri Oct 16Busy


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aka "The Beard"
John Doe

David Gregg

Christian, husband, father, geek, gamer. Grew up a math nerd, transitioned into chess and hobby board games which led to web deveopment projects and then computer repair. Now I'm a foster parent and leading a local game group in Asheboro. The most computer savvy person in my social circles, but one of the least when it comes to actually owning pieces of modern technology...

aka "Wifey"
John Doe

Elizabeth Gregg

My lovely wife and a very strong Christian herself. Elizabeth supports me in many ways and without her I wouldn't have become nearly the man I am today. She's also an awesome cook, maid and nanny should any require such services.

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